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Stewart-Haas Racing
  • SHR - Tony Stewart Talks Double Duty

    Episode 1

    Tony Stewart is the only driver to date to complete the Indy 500 and Coca-Cola 600 on the lead lap on the same day. But this was not the only time Stewart attempted this 1,100 mile challenge. Stewart, in fact, has attempted the challenge twice, in 1999 and in 2001. In 1999 Stewart placed ninth co...

  • Aric Almirola On If He Is Reconsidering His Impending Retirement

    Episode 2

    "Amidst some rumors that he may be reconsidering his impending retirement, Aric Almirola says he still expects to call it a career after the end of the season, his family is expecting it too, but he's learned to never say never." - Editor-In-Chief Matt Weaver

  • SHR Presents - Gen Z - "Lit"

    Episode 3

    Join the Stewart-Haas team as they take their best crack at guessing what "Lit" means.

  • SHR Presents "Behind The Smoke" - Ep.1 - "Return to Dirt"

    Episode 4

    Go behind the scenes with Chase Briscoe and the Stewart-Haas Racing Team as they prepare for Bristol dirt. Then follow along as Chase explains his extensive background in Dirt Racing.

  • SHR Presents - Gen Z - "Tea"

    Episode 5

    This week the guys over at Stewart-Haas guess what the Gen-Z slang term "Tea" means.

  • SHR Presents Gen-Z - "Bet"

    Episode 6

    The guys over at Stewart-Haas Racing give their best guesses as to what the Gen-Z term "Bet" means.

  • SHR Presents "Bunch Of Racers" - Ed Ritchie - Ep.2

    Episode 7

    Listen as Ed Ritchie show car driver for the Stewart Haas #10 Smithfield car, tells stories ranging from being too young to race and lying about his age, building Hot Stocks in Texas, getting his car sabotaged, his craziest track moment, and more.

  • SHR Presents "Bunch of Racers" - Evan Cupples - Ep.1

    Episode 8

    Check out the new series from Stewart-Haas on all of their racers - including Evan Cupples from the engine tuner for the #41 car.

  • Chase and Tony Talk Racing and the New #14

    Episode 9

  • SHR Next Gen Firsts - Pit Stops

    Episode 10

  • SHR - Gearwrench Announcement

    Episode 11

    Stewart-Haas Racing announces their partnership with Gearwrench tools for the 2021 season in style.

  • SHR - Tony Stewart Message To Fans

    Episode 12

    Stewart-Haas Racing co-owner, Tony Stewart, delivers a message to SHR fans about 2021 and the bright future that 2022 holds.

  • SHR - Winning Has Roots: Tony Stewart

    Episode 13

    Stewart-Haas Racing co-owner Tony Stewart breaks down what 'Winning Has Roots" means to our organization, specifically Chase Briscoe and the No. 14 DEKALB Ford Mustang Team.

  • SHR - Winning Has Roots: Greg Zipadelli and Chase Briscoe

    Episode 14

    The driver of the No. 14 Stewart-Haas Racing DEKALB Ford Mustang, Chase Briscoe, sits down with Vice President of Competition Greg Zipadelli to talk about the process of planting the seeds for success for a team and what the phrase "winning has roots" means to them.
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  • SHR - Pit Crew Walk on Stories

    Episode 15

    Trevor White and Chad Emmons both walked on to college football teams before pursuing a career in NASCAR. Learn more about how their background as walk-on players prepared them to compete over the wall in the NASCAR Cup Series.

  • SHR Nicknames - Beaver

    Episode 16

    Shock specialist Aaron Kuehn known as "Beav" has spent many years in racing. Take a listen to how he earned his synonymous nickname.

  • SHR Cocktails with Cole - Ep. 2

    Episode 17

    On this episode of "Cocktails with Cole", Tony Stewart joins Cole Custer to discuss his racing career, hobbies outside of racing, and his signature Dixie Vodka cocktail.

  • SHR Cocktails With Cole - Ep. 3

    Episode 18

    Cole Custer and Tony Stewart continue their discussion on the third episode of Dixie Vodka Cocktails With Cole.