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Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing

3 Seasons

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Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing
  • RFK Presents "6 Days in Daytona"

    Episode 1

    The Daytona 500 is NASCAR's biggest race of the season. To win the 500, it takes determination, speed, and most importantly team work.

    Follow Brad Keselowski and the RFK Racing on the six days leading up to the Daytona 500 and see what it will take to compete on the sport's biggest stage.

  • Chris Buescher - What is Grassroots Racing?

    Episode 2

  • Chris Buescher - Why Short Tracks are Special

    Episode 3

  • Chris Buescher - Favorite Short Track Memories

    Episode 4

  • Roush Fenway - 2014 Sonoma Recap

    Episode 5

    Carl Edwards battled Jeff Gordon to the finish of the 2014 Toyota SaveMart 350 at Sonoma. Hear from multiple members of the #99 crew on how Carl captured his first career road course victory.

  • Roush Fenway Spotlight - Adam Richardson

    Episode 6

    Learn how race engineer Adam Richardson went from logging in Alabama to working in the NASCAR Cup Series garage as a second engineer for Chris Buescher.

  • Roush Fenway Spotlight - Mike Herman Jr.

    Episode 7

    Spotter Mike Herman Jr. has spent years on the roof in the NASCAR Cup Series. Learn more about his background and how he prepares to guide Chris Buescher and the #17 team to success.

  • Roush Fenway Spotlight - Zach Yager

    Episode 8

    Gasmen play one of the most important roles on each pit stop. Hear how #6 gasman Zach Yager prepares for each race weekend.

  • Roush Fenway Spotlight - Zach Marquardt

    Episode 9

    Car chief Zach Marquardt went from a small town in Wisconsin to working on Ryan Newman's #6 Ford Mustang. Learn about how he used his small town roots and a strong work ethic into working in the Cup Series garage.

  • Roush Fenway Spotlight - Rob Best

    Episode 10

    Texan Robert Best plays a crucial role in each race weekend as an underneath mechanic for Roush Fenway Racing. He discusses his transition from Trans-Am to NASCAR, and his cameo on "Walker Texas Ranger".

  • Roush Fenway Spotlight - Raphael Diaz

    Episode 11

    Rear tire changer Raphael Diaz is a graduate of NASCAR Technical Institute. Learn how he transitioned from an aspiring engine builder to a full-time tire changer.

  • Roush Fenway Spotlight - Randy Seals

    Episode 12

    Roush Fenway race engineer Randy Seals is one of the founding members of Front Row Motorsports before moving to Roush Fenway. Learn about how his experience as a crew chief prepared him to become a successful race engineer.

  • Roush Fenway Team Spotlight - Rob Lopes

    Episode 13

    Tire scientist Rob Lopes plays a crucial role in the success of the #6 Ford Mustang each weekend. Hear about how he prepares tires for peak performance on raceday.

  • Roush Fenway Spotlight - Markus Pierce-Brewster

    Episode 14

    Former NFL player Markus Pierce-Brewster has found a home on pit road in the NASCAR Cup Series. Learn about how his NFL experience prepared him for success as a Gasman.

  • Roush Fenway Q&A- Chris Buescher on Sonoma

    Episode 15

    Driver of the #17 Ford Mustang Chris Buescher has made five career starts at Sonoma Raceway. Get an inside look at how he tackles each turn on the demanding road course.

  • Roush Fenway Team Spotlight - Justin Edgell

    Episode 16

    14-year veteran Tire Carrier Justin Edgell grew up in the middle of NASCAR country in North Carolina. He discusses how his love for the sport drove him into a career in NASCAR.

  • Roush Fenway Team Spotlight - Chris Shuman

    Episode 17

    Chris Shuman is a second generation tire changer working on the #17 Ford Mustang. Following in his father's footsteps, Shuman has become a peak performer over the wall.

  • Roush Fenway Q&A - Chris Buescher on Road Racing

    Episode 18

    Chris Buescher has emerged as an unlikely contender at road courses in the NASCAR Cup Series. Hear about his mentors in road racing and how he has vastly improved his performance on the Cup Series' 7 road courses.

  • Roush Fenway - Truckin' Recap

    Episode 19

    Transport drivers play an integral role in each race weekend. Go behind the scenes as the team travels to Bristol Motor Speedway.

  • Roush Fenway Spotlight - Eric Wallace

    Episode 20

    Third generation racer Eric Wallace has found his niche changing tires for Ryan Newman and the #6 Ford Mustang. Learn about how a lifetime around racing has prepared him for weekly success in the NASCAR Cup Series.

  • Roush Fenway Spotlight - Dylan Moser

    Episode 21

    Wingate University graduate Dylan Moser shined on the football field as a middle linebacker. After attending a pit crew combine, Moser committed to making his way into the NASCAR Cup Series, walking up to Roush Fenway Racing's front gate to earn a tryout. After earning his shot, he now works as a...

  • Roush Fenway - Chris Buescher handling at Sonoma

    Episode 22

    Over five career starts at Sonoma, Chris Buescher has gained a good feel handling around the road course.

  • Roush Fenway Spotlight - Doug Impsen

    Episode 23

    Engine tuner Doug Impsen has spent over 18 years with Roush Fenway Racing. After 10 years working with Carl Edwards, Impsen transitioned to working on the #6 Mustang with Ryan Newman. Learn all about his long career in the sport.

  • Roush Fenway Q&A - Chris Buescher on Grassroots Racing

    Episode 24

    Learn about the roots of NASCAR Cup Series driver Chris Buescher and his experience racing on short tracks on his climb into NASCAR. Legends Cars, ARCA, Late Models, Chris has done it all. Hear about his background in this exclusive interview.